We help increase revenue.

who we are

We are a consulting firm that helps companies achieve sustainable revenue growth.

Our company name is based on the famous story of David and Goliath. Remember how David took on the challenge laid down by Goliath? David stood with more confidence than his size or resources allotted him. With a quick and efficient strike, he took the giant down.

Our clients are similar to David. They take challenges head on – even when those challenges appear to be daunting. Many of our clients are stretched with limited resources and heightened expectations.

They understand that there’s a new reality to driving sales growth with tougher competition, changing buyer behavior, and advancing technology.

We help clients navigate this new reality.  To see our experience and detailed bios, click here.

Why Clients hire us

Our clients call us when they are facing sales growth challenges, and they want practical and impactful consulting solutions.

Here are some typical reasons clients engage with us:

  • They have a desire to trade roller coaster results for sustainable revenue growth.
  • The results from their sales and marketing efforts are falling short.
  • They want to develop strategic growth plans they can actually execute.
  • They want to get rid of organizational dysfunction that's impeding performance.
  • They have a vision to grow without sacrificing healthy core values.
To learn more about our solutions that help solve sales growth challenges, click here.



"Bill Golder is an intuitive executive that truly understands what it takes to grow a business profitably and consistently. His strategic acumen combined with his expertise as an operator deliver a unique set of skills that can provide instant value. I have had the benefit of working side-by-side with Bill in two very successful companies and Bill has been a key driver in each of these situations. Smart, decisive, strategic and focused…Bill brings results and integrity to everything he does."

Sam Reese, CEO, Miller Heiman (2000-2015), Board Advisor for Providence Equity Partners

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“Slingshot has applied their vast experience with large enterprise to our company in order to set a well thought-out strategic sales growth plan. It is clear to me that the tools Bill has implemented in our sales and marketing areas will provide a lasting and effective framework for how we conduct business. Bill has provided a level of sophistication to our company that we clearly did not have before. I truly feel we are on track to meet our corporate goals.”

Dan Anderson, CEO, SSI Electronics – Grand Rapids, MI

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“Slingshot was brought in by our VP of Sales to help us reorganize our sales department in order to activate our company’s strategic vision. Bill Golder has become a great partner at every stage of implementing this plan. We have really enjoyed working with Bill and will utilize his expertise on future projects.”

Alan Schoen, President, Labelmaster – Chicago, IL

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“Bill is a consummate professional. Very well spoken, emotionally intelligent, even keeled and a fun guy to work with! I would encourage any CEO who is looking for guidance about building an effective sales team to give Bill a call immediately!”

Todd Ordal, former Division President, Kinko’s – Denver, CO

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“Bill is a very talented executive who can communicate with the CEO or a part time store employee extremely well. I would recommend Bill to any organization that wants to grow the sales and profits and make their company stronger.”

Gerald Colley, former President N.A. Stores, Office Depot – Delray Beach, FL

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“I have learned so much from Bill in the 10 years that we have been friends and colleagues. He is a true triple threat. He not only knows a lot about the technical aspects of sales, but he’s also a great listener and a really effective team builder and sales leader.”

Rob Solomon, Chairman & Chief Strategist, Bulldog Solutions – Austin, TX

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“Bill is a tremendous leader, consistent winner and most importantly a great person. Bill delivered results by building exceptional teams and setting a strategic course to maximize the market opportunities. He was able to connect the dots to make complex concepts simple and actionable for both the sales reps and our customers. I would recommend Bill for anyone looking to grow their business.”

Jeff Bowron, Division Vice-President, Radio Shack – worked with Bill at Kinko’s

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