Want Better One-On-One's with Your B2B Sales Team? Do This. [INTERVIEW]

Jun 20, 2017 by Susan Golder

B2B sales team

You might be surprised to know how many sales leaders go through the motions regarding one-on-one's with their sales reps.

They don't value them as platforms for critical conversations, coaching and collaboration to propel their businesses.

Instead, one-on-one's - if they happen at all in a consistent fashion - become boring, compulsory and obligatory.

Inversely, top sales leaders leverage a proven deal pursuit strategy to drive their preparation and planning for their high priority, highly productive one-on-one's. 

I asked Slingshot's newest consultant and deal strategist Jason Reed about his thoughts on how a deal pursuit strategy improves meetings with B2B sellers.

He had quite a bit to say on the topic.

SUSAN: How does having a deal pursuit strategy improve one-on-one's with your sales team? Does it really make a difference?

JASON: The short answer to your question is "yes."

It strongly hedges against one of the universal pitfalls of one-on-one's: spending copious amounts of squandered time on set-up, qualifying statements, re-qualifying details, reiterating discussions from the week prior, triplicate context setting yet again.

Well established and supported deal pursuit strategy, when implemented the right way, beelines one-on-one meetings right to the most important aspects of a deal without suffering redundancy and non-critical details.

A universal deal pursuit strategy, done right and supported right, provides a framework that acts like guardrails for the sellers to operate inside of as they pursue and discuss high-value opportunities with their manager.

This framework underpins the way in which the sellers operate. As a result, it generally drives the behaviors and decisions of the sellers as they work a sales deal.

Having a solid and modern deal pursuit framework is a universally acknowledged best practice within today's successful B2B sales organizations. 

 B2B sales team

It allows one-on-one's to more constructively build on themselves as opposed to one-on-one's that are extemporaneous and not corralled by an efficient framework.

For many sales leaders, reps and managers are repeatedly going back week after week to square one when discussing how to pursue high value deals.

A well-designed deal pursuit strategy keeps the seller and manager nudged in the right direction going forward.

sales talent

Jason.jpgJason Reed brings an acute ability to help sales teams win more business through road-tested, modern deal strategy and methodology.

He most recently served as President of business acumen training firm Paradigm Learning.  Prior to that, he was the SVP of enterprise accounts at Miller Heiman, the premier sales training firm for large enterprise.


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