Slingshot Slated to Speak at Lean In Conference

Aug 09, 2017 by Susan Golder


By now, you’ve probably heard of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s national bestselling book
Lean In.

She encourages women to fight the tyranny of low expectations and to “lean in” on their professional ambitions.

On Oct. 28, hundreds of women in West Michigan will accept Sandberg’s rally cry and gather for an annual conference, headlining Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss as the keynote.

The hope for the event?

To empower women to assert themselves instead of pulling back in their careers.

Slingshot Growth Partner’s co-founders Bill and Susan Golder will lead a
break-out session detailing what it takes to be an invaluable team player in any organization or corporation.

Research shows that women are negotiating as often as men, but face pushback when they do. They ask for feedback as much as men but are less likely to receive it.

Becoming an ideal team member helps women overcome these realities.

Since Sandberg’s launch of her book, women’s plight hasn’t changed much even with 78% of companies reporting gender diversity as a top priority.

Women are promoted and hired at lower rates than men, so fewer women become senior leaders and even fewer become CEOs.

Gaining grassroots momentum...

With that said, 1.5 million women in 33,000 fast-growing Lean In small groups called "circles" are meeting monthly in local communities and around the world.

These women across industries support each other and grow through education, peer-to-peer and cross generational mentorship.

85% of members credit their "circle" with a positive change in their lives.

Being a part of a "circle" inspired them to negotiate a bigger salary, raise their hand more in class, take the lead on group projects and serve on corporate boards.

Members fine tune their leadership skills, take stretch assignments and commit to professional growth.

Sandberg continues to cast her vision.

"I believe if we had half our companies and half our countries run by women, and half our homes run by men, things would be better. We know our companies would be more productive.

If you use the full talents of the population, you're more productive. We know our homes would be happier."

Click here to secure your spot for the Lean In conference which will be held on Saturday, Oct. 28 from 12:30-5 p.m. at Grand Valley State University’s Richard M. DeVos Center. Tickets: $35.

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