One Surefire Way to Win a Complex Sale

May 09, 2017 by Bill Golder

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We have analyzed hundreds of won and lost sales opportunities. When it comes to winning large, complex deals, one factor stands out.

The sales pro had identified and cultivated a relationship with a "Power Player" on the buying team. 

What's a Power Player, and how do you identify him or her?

A Power Player is an influencer on the buying team who exhibits these specific characteristics:

1.) High Impact

Sometimes the Power Player carries a big title and authority, but most likely, she has impact and influence because of the level of expertise and credibility she has with the rest of the buying team.

Power Players are trusted and often play the role of a catalyst in their organization when it comes to driving initiatives in the company. They are change agents who can mobilize and rally others.

2.) High Priority

A Power Player has high impact but also believes the issue or opportunity that your solution can address is of significant importance to their organization.

They demonstrate their belief that it's important based on the time they devote to the cause and how they interact both with the sales person and others in their organization.

When something is important, people follow-up and commit to actions and timelines. Power Players don't go silent on sales people who they are working with or miss agreed upon actions.

3.) High Accessiblity

Power Players are frequently available to the salesperson, and there's often substantial collaboration - a mutual sharing of ideas, debate and insights provided. 

4.) High Advocacy

Power Players are crystal clear that they are advocates for the salesperson's solution and why. As such, they are willing to provide coaching, guidance and introductions to other key players involved in the decision. 

It's common that Power Players are doing internal selling to convince neutral or anti-advocates why their preferred solution is the right course of action.

Sales pros help Power Players take action and build consensus within their organzations by collaborating with them to devise the right internal plan,

They help Power Players anticipate possible objections and how to handle them with case studies, spec sheets and data. 

 New Call-to-action

Without identifying a Power Player, deals can stall, solutions become commoditized and margins shrink as the buying group struggles to find common ground.

Power Players have a seat at the table when the salesperson isn't invited into the conversation. 

By giving Power Players the coaching, confidence and resources to proceed and build consensus, sales pros benefit by closing those high-value, impactful sales deals.

how to increase revenue

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Bill Golder

Sales growth consultant with decades of small and large enterprise experience. Former CSO for Miller Heiman and Bulldog Solutions.


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