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the revenue growth roadmap

We craft strategic Revenue Growth Roadmaps. These prioritized sales growth plans detail a practical, actionable, custom blueprint for sustainable growth for B2B companies.

With every Revenue Growth Roadmap, Slingshot provides a thorough diagnostic-based approach on a proven framework and produces recommended priorities across four key areas:

#1: Customer Focus

We evaluate where there are opportunities to sharpen your focus on your sweet spot customer segments. We highlight the greatest opportunities and recommend actions you can take to differentiate, grow and scale your business.

#2: Marketing Effectiveness

Our diagnostic methods are proven to uncover opportunities to achieve a greater return from your marketing spend.

We make specific recommendations designed to impact key metrics such as lead volume, lead quality and pipeline contribution from marketing.

#3: Sales Excellence

We assess the overall effectiveness of your sales team by evaluating the talent, examining the sales process and identifying inhibitors such as the sales model/structure, compensation and tools.

Our recommendations are designed to impact key metrics such as productivity per salesperson, key account growth, opportunity/win rates, forecasting accuracy and overall sales pipeline challenges.

#4: Healthy Organizational Disciplines

An important driver of any growth plan lies in the ability of the organization to execute. We identify potential areas of risk related to leadership dynamics and core organizational disciplines that are necessary to successfully achieve sustainable growth.

We make recommendations to improve how the organization determines, implements and executes on strategic initiatives.


revenue growth projects

A Revenue Growth Roadmap that is well executed is key to making the number. We can help you move your strategy forward with our capabilities in the following areas:How to increase revenue

Customer Focus

  • Ideal sweet spot customer workshops
  • Buyer persona development
  • Customer journey and buying process mapping
  • Customer segmentation

Marketing Effectiveness

  • Marketing strategy consulting
  • Agency selection
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Talent assessment

Sales Excellence

  • Sales process and playbook development
  • Sales training
  • Deal Coach Pro software
  • Talent assessment
  • Sales management coaching

Healthy Organizational Disciplines

  • Leadership coaching
  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment and implementation
  • Strategic planning off-site facilitation



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